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Placeholder - I'm actively learning and working on my take on a game dynamics engine. There are a couple good ones out there, and I have nowhere near the level of know-how that others in the community have, but I see a need for an Xbox360+Programmer friendly game dynamics engine.
  • Status
    • Overall 'its getting there'
    • The threading/state design is pretty good
    • Documentation in the code is good but I need more 'why' documents and 'how' articles on this wiki
    • Collision is good but as of 12/1/2007 response is very alpha quality
  • Basic goals
    • Detect and process collisions while generating no heap garbage
    • Work on many-core machines efficiently
    • Allow renderers/network code to use the previous frames' state WHILE updating the current frame
    • Provide 'expected' features; Constraints, Sensors, Materials, etc
    • Provide Windows, Xbox 360 and non-XNA optimized builds
    • Specifically, allow for use on Windows Mobile phones, Mono, and Silverlight
    • Document the crap out of my work so others might learn from my mistakes
  • Notes:
    • My physics engine differs greatly from many engine designs out there (that I know of) and I need to explain this and why
    • First bullet is too wide - There are many similarities that need to be explained as well
    • The engine is extensible and comes with SortSweep/GJKEPA collision and symplectic Euler integration
    • At some point, I'd like to put a small article in here describing garbage collection and how physics can be done without it
    • First video:

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